Pupil Stop Motion Animation Videos

Year 3 - Warrior Presentations

Battle Stop Motion Animation

Slime Stop Motion Animation

Highlighters v Baddies

Skating at the Park

Death Storm pt. 1

About a very unlucky Death Storm who dies 2 or more times in a harsh habitat in space.

Welshness Week

Q and A session with Owen Watkins and Gareth Thomas

Animated Video

Stop Motion Animation Film

Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Video

Count On Me

Stop Motion Video from Year 6

Under The Sea

A diver that catches fish!

Celtic Battle

This stop motion animation is all about a Celtic woman falling from the sky and a Orc attack upon a Celtic woman. Believe it or not a Roman saved her life!

The Fly-Away Problem

Two boys went to grab some balloons. But they were massive balloons so, they went flying up into the air. One balloon popped! Then the other balloon popped ,so both of the boys hurtled towards the ground.

Flying Subjects

This video is all about school subjects ... this is produced by Martha , Jude , Fin , Coby -Jon, Emily and Jake . This is made by West Park stop motion animation

Beep Beep

This stop motion video is all about a battle between a warrior and a regular person.

Animated Autumn Term Review 2018

This is an animated film of the learning areas in Year 5 this Autumn Term. Enjoy.

The Battle

The Man Who Broke Out Of Prison

Once locked up but now free. How did he escape? Watch to find out!

A Celtic Battle

A battle takes place and the dead come back to life only to find a fire raging in their Celtic roundhouse.

Celtic Roundhouse

A Battle scene around a Celtic Roundhouse involving Indiana Jones, Castle Knight, Three Warriors and a Police Officer.

What is stop motion animation and how does it work?

A great insight in to the world of stop motion animation.

How to make a stop motion film

There are many ways to make a stop motion animation. Stop motion is an animated-film making technique in which objects are physically manipulated or moved in small increments (steps) between individually photographed frames. The photo frames are played back as a fast sequence to create the motion.